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Thai Food Recipes แกงฟักใส่ไก่ [ Gourd Curry Chicken Northern Thailand ]

Gourd Curry Chicken Northern Thailand
[ Mother's Day Of Thailand ]
Thai Food : Kang Fug Sai Kai

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Thai Recipe Ingredients
Gourd, cut into thick pieces.
Leech Zanthoxylum limonella Alston
Dried chilli.
Shrimp paste.
Kaffir lime leaves.

Thai Food Preparations
First sleeve shell gourd gourd and remove the seed. Cut into pieces. Add all the spices prepared in a mortar dried garlic, salt, shallots, lemon grass, galangal, shrimp paste, leech zanthoxylum limonella alston strike of all the information together. Steps to prepare chicken. Chop chicken into pieces. Finished preparing the vermicelli noodle water to soften. Cut from the same deficiency. When vermicelli to stay soft and drain. Torn kaffir lime leaves, remove the stalk. Add boiling water to the pot boiling. Grease the pan waiting for the hot oil. Peel garlic chopped or rods that insert into the saucepan to the smell. Add chilli paste it into the strike fried together with garlic Fry the chili paste to flavor. Then add the cooked chicken to fry. If it feels dry to the water. Add kaffir lime leaves, torn into the fried smell. Fried chicken cooked then put in pot of boiling water provided. Tra Krai is cut into pieces about a pot of boiling water waiting for input from gourd to boil. Wait until the ripe gourd. Done from heat add vermicelli to mix them up. Noodles are cooked just Add kaffir lime leaves, torn down. Finished dish with serving scoop.