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Thai Food Recipes ข้าวซอยไก่ [ Egg Noodle in Northern Style Chicken Curry ]

Egg Noodle in Northern Style Chicken Curry
[ Kow Soi Kai ]

This is the special dish for Chiangmai and should not be missed if you make it to Chiang Mai.
It is served in road side stands to 5 star hotels very cook makes it a little different but always a treat.


50 g. Egg Noodle
200 g. Coconut Milk
50 g. Chicken Meat
30 g. Chili Paste
20 g, Ginger
10 g. Curry Powder
White Sugar
Fish Sauce

1. Spring Onion
2. Pickled Lettuce
3. Shallot
4. Lemon


1. Boiled Egg Noodle in about 5 minute wash in cold water.
2. Boiled Coconut Mill and put Chili Paste stirred until it oily and put Curry Powder.
3. Put Chicken, sugar, fish sauce and taste it.


1. Put Gravy on Egg Noodle and Deep Fried Egg Noodle on Top.

2. Served with Pickle Lettuce, Shallot, Lemon and Chili Oil.