Thai Food


Thai Food Recipes ลาบไก่ [ Thai Spicy Chopped Chicken ]

Thai Spicy Chopped Chicken
[ Thai Food : Laab Kai ]

Thai Recipe Ingredients
Chicken copped
Roasted rice
Chilli Powder
Fish sauce
Lime juice
Green Shallot

Thai Food Preparations
First came the chicken chop. Split Green Shallot , Parsley and Shallot. Set pot put water lighting. Wait for boiling water. Add the cooked chicken into stir-fry. Stop the heat. Add roasted rice, chilli pepper, split green shallot mix well. Season with fish sauce, lime juice tasting flavors as you like. Add split green shallot. Add split parsley. Add split shallot. Mix well. Enter complete scoop dish.

Note Note the infant does not enter a course set. Depending on preferences.