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Thai Food Recipes ยำหัวปลี [ Banana Flower salad ]

Banana Flower salad
[ thai food : Yam Hua Plee]

Thai Recipe Ingredients
1 banana flower

2 - 3 Thai Chillies (Prik khee nuu)

2 Shallots

1 clove of garlic

Palm Sugar

Fish Sauce

Coriander and or Asian Celery

Thai Food Preparations
When preparing the banana flower you will need to remove the dark outer leavers (reserve one to serve in) to get the to centre (white) leaves which can be eaten. When doing this use rubber or surgical gloves as the flower leaches a sap which turns black and is hard to get out of skin, kitchen benches etc.

Once you have removed the outer leaves cut the flower in half lengtheways and thinly slice (as you would to make onion rings). Wash thes in water to remove the sap and drain thouroughly.

In a mortar and pestle gently bruise the garlic and chilli.

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and test for taste add palm sugar, fish sauce and chilli to taste.

In the reserved outer leaf gently place the salad to serve.